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Appointment System Questions & Answers Posted on 13 Jun 2017



New Appointment System from 1st July 2017


Questions & Answers


What is the difference between waiting in the   surgery to see a GP and waiting for a call at home?

All requests for Urgent appointments on the   day will be initially assessed by a Clinician via the telephone. Patients who   need to be seen and treated quickly will be called back by a Clinician and   will be managed accordingly thus preventing the "long waits"   sitting in the surgery for a GP, as is the current process.


Since when is a receptionist qualified to   decide whether I need to see a Doctor or not? Why should I tell them what is   wrong?

The receptionists are not deciding who sees   the clinician.  Receptionists will be   adding the request to a list which will be followed up by the Clinician on   the day.  Patients do not have to tell   the receptionists what is wrong, however any information given regarding the   request will assist the clinician to safely manage the list   appropriately.  Patients would also   experience this when contacting the Out of Hours Services.


What about patient confidentiality?

All members of the practice are bound by strict   confidentiality procedures and the principles of the Data Protection Act   1998.


Who will be telephoning patients following the   Urgent request?

The Urgent Care Team Clinician on the day will   be calling the patient back.  The   clinical team will comprise of Doctors and Practice Nurses.


Will patients be seen on the day by a GP?

Patients will be assessed and treated as   deemed appropriate by the Clinician on that day. The Clinician may; ask the   patient to attend the surgery at a time given to them; access an alternative   service in the area or ask the patient to make a routine appointment.


Will I be able to get through on the telephone   at 8:00 am

Currently we have a high volume of patients   ringing at this time for Non-Urgent requests.   Routine appointments can be booked either,   by telephone (ideally after 11:00 am) or on-line.  Applications to request access for on-line   appointment booking with a doctor can be made at the practice. This service   is currently only available in Brecon and the practice will review this for   Sennybridge 


Will I be able to book an appointment with my   GP ?

Routine appointments can be booked up to 4   weeks in advance with the GP of choice if they are available.


When can I get my test results for; bloods,   Xray, other tests?

Patients requesting test results are   encouraged to telephone the practice after 2:30pm.

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