Attached Staff

Work at our surgeries continues into the community with the assistance of staff employed by Powys Teaching Health Board. These staff members work both in the surgeries and in the community eg. at home, in schools, resources centres and act as link workers between hospitals in the area and ourselves.

Community Nurses

Our team of community nurses includes those who have specialist interests in wound care, leg ulcers, palliative care, falls prevention, continence, infection control, respiratory disease and diabetes.

They can be contacted on 01874 610421.

Health Visitors

Health visitors offer a service to families with pre-school children, in the home and clinic. They are available to discuss, give information and guidance on a range of topics to promote family health and wellbeing. This includes emotional health, postnatal depression, relationship difficulties, bereavement, child development, difficult behaviour, feeding, sleeping, minor illness, injury reduction.

Child health departmental reviews are carried out periodically.

The health visitors can be contacted on 01874 622186.

Community Psychiatric Nurses

There are CPNs attached to our surgeries but who have their own mental health resource centre at Ty Illtyd, Bridge Street, where a drop-in service is provided for patients’ needs.

Mental Health Counsellors

This service is managed by nurse practitioners and counsellors who deal with anxiety, stress and mild depression.