Practice Charter

We are pleased that you have registered with the Brecon Medical Group Practice. The practice makes every effort to provide a high standard of patient care and is continually looking for ways to improve patient services. We have listed below the standards of service that you can expect from this practice:

  • Absolute confidentiality at all times.
  • We take any abuse of staff or property very seriously.
  • Patients may be asked to leave the practice if the patient/doctor relationship breaks down completely, or if you move out of the practice area. If you are asked to leave the practice we will explain in writing the reason for removal.
  • Prompt and courteous treatment at your appointment time, unless delays are caused by medical emergencies.
  • Access to your medical records within the limits of the law.
  • Sympathetic and impartial investigation of legitimate concerns.

In return we ask you to co-operate with us by:

  • Notifying us if you are not able to attend your allotted appointment with the doctor or specialist nurse.
  • Not asking for more than one person to be seen during an appointment.
  • Treating our staff with the same courtesy and respect you expect to receive from them.
  • Giving the doctor all the relevant information about your condition and past medical history.
  • Letting us know when you move address or change telephone number – we need to keep our records up to date.
  • Not expecting a prescription every time you see the doctor – implementing our advice can often be far more effective than drugs.
  • Giving 48 hours’ notice before collecting repeat prescriptions.
  • Remembering if you need a home visit, to make your request before 10:30.
  • Calling out the doctor (out of hours) only in an emergency and not for routine treatment, appointments or prescriptions

You can help us by letting us know when you are not happy with the services we provide, or if you have useful comments about how they can be improved. A suggestion box is available for your contributions to improving our services.